Thursday, May 1, 2008

How to disable Windows Media Player from displaying full screen video on the second monitor screen ?

Problem Description: From last few days I have realised that when I run any videos in windows media player especially live video feed though internet, on the second screen the same video will be coming in full screen mode and there is no way to stop it, unless you stop Media player from playing the video.

Cause: Its something to do with video drivers, cards and windows combination.

To find this resolution it took me quite some time and I personally found full screen video very annoying.

My machine has Nvidia Quadro FX 540 display adapter, when I was going to the display properties I was not get as many option from NVIDIA as I was expecting . I thought of checking drivers update and to my surprise there was update available on the manufecturer's website.

I have updated drivers and restarted windows. Now I have small NVIDIA icon in the right botto of the screen along the local time display.

Method one: Right click on NVIDIA icon, click Nvidia control panel, near to the bottom there is a section called Video & Television, this has a subsection called Modify Full -Screen video options, click on it and in the right side pane there are two options available, click on "Only Show it in my viewing application" and apply settings. That is all what was needed.

Method two: in case you cannot find Nvidia icon there is another way to get to it, go to Start > Control Panel > Diaplay > Settings > Advanced > NVidia > now you will have the same options what are discussed in the method one above.

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