Saturday, June 26, 2010

Windows XP/2003 lost Admin/Hidden shares for SAN attached drives

Problem Description: When SAN storage drives are introduced to Windows machine which could be a windows XP/ Windows 2003 Server /Windows 2008 Server, in some cases admins might find that newly introduced drives are missing admin shares e.g. D$, E$ F$....

Cause: It is believed that some times due to some environment issues drives might not be found by operating system on startup time.

Fix: One should be looking to fix the underlaying cause then on how to get these shares back but still I would mention how to get these back after machine is already rebooted.

To get the admin shares re-created by MS Windows please restart "Server" service from services.msc (services applet)

Server service has another service called Computer Browser that is dependent on it. In case you are using command line e.g. "net stop server" please remember to start back Computer Browser service back again.