Friday, July 24, 2009

Pop-up about "AXWIN frame window" while running trying to run patch SP2, SP3 or SP4 for SQL 2005 server

Problem Description:
Today I came accross an issue while I was trying to patch my SQL 2005 server with SP2. As a check SP2 setup will check for any running services that could cause any trouble while patching up SQL Server. It was suggested by pop-up screen to close or terminate "AXWIN frame window" before continuing. This pop-up screen shows "AXWIN frame window" as a service.

Solution: After scratching my head and going through all services that were running on the machine I have found out that it was "Computer management" console that was open on Services applet was causing this problem. Once I closed Computer Management the check didn't report anything.

Seems like "AXWIN frame window" is what windows uses internally for any window or console to appear on screen.

In other words if you see pop-up about AXWIN Frame Window please check to make sure none of the other windows are open other than the installer itself these could be anything e.g. MMC console, Services.msc, Event Viewer or computer management.

As per the comments from others this solution is not only applicable while patching SP2 but also other service packs e.g. SP4.