Friday, April 25, 2014

Exchange 2013 setup on Domain Controller throws error message "Unable to set shared config DC"

PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: While installing Microsoft Exchange 2013 on a server that is also a Windows Domain Controller, Transport Service installation will fail with the following error message:

The following error was generated when "$error.Clear(); 
          $maxWait = New-TimeSpan -Minutes 8
          $timeout = Get-Date;
          $timeout = $timeout.Add($maxWait);
          $currTime = Get-Date;
          $successfullySetConfigDC = $false;

          while($currTime -le $timeout)
            $setSharedCDCErrors = @();
              Set-SharedConfigDC -DomainController $RoleDomainController -ErrorVariable setSharedCDCErrors -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue;
              $successfullySetConfigDC = ($setSharedCDCErrors.Count -eq 0);

              Write-ExchangeSetupLog -Info ("An error ocurred while setting shared config DC. Error: " + $setSharedCDCErrors[0]);
              Write-ExchangeSetupLog -Info ("An exception ocurred while setting shared config DC. Exception: " + $_.Exception.Message);

            Write-ExchangeSetupLog -Info ("Waiting 30 seconds before attempting again.");
            Start-Sleep -Seconds 30;
            $currTime = Get-Date;

          if( -not $successfullySetConfigDC)
            Write-ExchangeSetupLog -Error "Unable to set shared config DC.";
        " was run: "Unable to set shared config DC.".

CAUSE: Server has IPv6 turned off. 


1. Turn back on IPv6 for the network adapter.
2. Restart the server
3. Start again the Microsoft Exchange 2013 setup, it will find that last installation was incomplete and will complete it.
4. Check to make sure all services for exchange are operational and all configurations.

Usually recommendation is not to install Exchange on Domain Controllers. Some might have to do this due to lack of resources or just because they need to do something for a presentation, demo or testing. 

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